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I'm an Agile Coach & Scrum Master (CSP-SM) with over a decade of experience in this arena across industries.


Deliver better value, sooner, safer and happier. 

Are you a consultancy and/or a small team? Do you want to get the grasp with Agile? Start from within: submit a Services Request for a 12 week program covering the basics, embedding practices in your day-to-day, framework handover from week 7 onwards so that you can continue becoming more Agile whilst delivering better value.

Agile to its core, succeeds where all others more traditional project management methods have failed.

Last century we focused on execution rather than innovation. We had clear what to accomplish and how exactly to deliver it. Defined modules, to roles, processes, practices… to deliver defined plans. Made sense.

Now things change more quickly, to stay competitive we need to inspect and adapt more rapidly and deal with greater uncertainty.

Only learning organisations will keep up with the future.

In 2006 Salesforce made the switch from a waterfall approach to agile in order to improve productivity within a growing global engineering team.

With that switch Salesforce increased productivity by 38% and major releases were completed 60% faster!

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