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Birds, Nerds & Turds

The Agile Retrospective Game

Serious games deserve serious attention (…) Not only are the games relatively lightweight exercises, but they also use a lighter touch to resolve many debates over product decisions.” Forrester Research 2008


For teams to:

  • Inspect

  • Reflect

  • Self-assess

  • & Have a laugh

Frequently Asked Questions.
What the FAQ?!


But what is 'Birds, Nerds and Turds' exactly?

It’s a game, a playing card game, a pack made up of 52 cards. Some Birds, some Nerds and some are yes Turds, you got it!

It also includes 4 different ways to play the game and quite a few statements.

It is a physical product, an actual pack of cards!

What does the Bird do?

So Birds, Nerds and Turds are a way to vote on the statements, let's say you turn a statement about how easy is to get things done, then everyone votes with either of the choices, so if many…

  • …’Turds’ on the table well ‘we clearly have to improve’ then is to discuss what’s the 1 thing the team is ready to try to improve it.

  • …’Nerds’ that’s good stuff, we should keep doing what we doing about it, even discuss what makes it work so well.

  • …’Birds’, it’s neither here nor there, so a question for the team then may be: how can it become a ‘Nerd’?.

  • if mixed feelings, then is a good place to see the reasons of the discrepancies and how to come together as a team to make things better for everyone.

Is it only available via Amazon UK/Europe?

Define ‘only’.
We can arrange one-off shipments if you ping us the details. We can of course then generate an invoice for you. You can do so here, including a request for a print of bespoke cards with your logo.

Brilliant idea to bring life to retrospectives! Good quality cards, great concept, can’t wait to use them!

Amazon Review

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