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Image by Edgar Moran

Salesforce 360

I'm a Salesforce certified professional (x19) and MVP with over a decade of experience evolving backend and CRM solutions across multiple industries. 

Streamline your processes, evolve your technology stack and agilise your practice!

Primarily focused on delivering Salesforce technology because:

  • The business model is built around customer success and enables you to scale.

  • Provides multiple layers of security.

  • Real-time system performance transparency.

  • Multi-tenancy running all infrastructure and services.

  • Metadata driven with seamless upgrades and ready APIs.

  • 5 times faster than building on-premise.

  • Salesforce has been named by Forbes “Most Innovative Company” for four years in a row.

In 2006 Salesforce made the switch from a waterfall approach to agile in order to improve productivity within a growing global engineering team.

With that switch Salesforce increased productivity by 38% and major releases were completed 60% faster!

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