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Sustainable Happy Profit

Products and Organisations that Thrive

Unlike other books, which simply tell you that you MUST be these things, this book will also tell you HOW to do it. Each section contains practical ideas you can implement immediately—whatever your role—realistically considered and fully resourced.

Let Ines be your guide on your journey to: Sustainable. Happy. Profit.

“This book is mind-blowing! Ines’s research uncovers new ways of thinking and leading, showing us organizations that are making an impact right now. Business leaders, read this book and go change the world! (no pressure)”


—Mary Scotton, Director, Developer Learning Strategy at ServiceNow

Sustainable Happy Profit

Do you think that sustainability means sacrificing profits, or that happiness has to cost the environment? Think again.

Now you can have it all.


There is no pie-in-the-sky dreamworld but there are myriad examples of organisations who have become more sustainable, not at the expense of happiness and profitability but by understanding how these three are fundamentally intertwined.  When you see how improving one area naturally leads to enhancements elsewhere you will be itching to start.


And start, you can!  Peppered throughout with useful resources and ideas you can implement immediately, whatever your role, this book will hold your hand through your journey to: Sustainable.  Happy.  Profit.

“This is a very timely book from Ines, on a topic of great importance to every organisation. Human endeavour should not be at any cost to people or the one planet that we live on. It cannot be only about generating financial returns. As Ines eloquently writes, it's about Sustainable Happy Profit. This book provides great insight and examples, I recommend it to anyone who cares about a humane and sustainable world of work”

—Jon Smart, Founder & CEO, Sooner Safer Happier

Are you willing to be part of the solution?

What has become more apparent over the last 2-5 years is that our “Business As Usual” is the most UN-usual. The numbers are in:

  • air pollution contributes to 3.7million human deaths a year

  • 1 million species are threatened with extinction

  • we’ve converted 75% of the land that is not covered by ice

  • 6 of the 9 greatest threats to the world are directly related to the ongoing destruction of nature, destruction by us, humans, 1 species

How are you applying the concepts, structures and practices outlined in the book?

“The science is in”

In the book, Ines sets out the new path for businesses to follow to create workplaces of our future. She dives into the science behind each of these three business imperatives and follows this up with clear ABC’s and CBA’s on how to make the shift starting right now. Create real, sustainable change in their teams and organisations straight away.

Sarah Metcalfe, Chief Happiness Officer & Co-Leader, Woohoo Unlimited

“Create a better business”

This book will challenge you to combine collaboration, sustainability and emotional intelligence to create a better business. Ines’ experience in innovation makes her the perfect to explore how thinking beyond profit alone can lead to more impact.

Meggie Palmer, Founder PepTalkHer, Fortune 500 Executive Coach & Facilitator

“Admirable potential”

It is a complex but mandatory path, full of challenges and in which, at the moment, we are all apprentices. Hence the importance of this work to help the fundamental efforts to achieve a sustainable happy profit.

Wagner de Siqueira Pinto, ESG, Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility Advisor

Grab your copy!

The launch book contains an exclusive handbook to dive right in!

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