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Agile Sustainability Practitioner Programme

Become a Leader for Sustainable Value Creation

4 weeks entirely online, access from anywhere

Weekly instructor-led sessions,
& self-paced assigments

7–10 hours per week

Learn alongside a global cohort
of like-minded professionals

On completion of this programme, you’ll walk away with:

1 In-demand sustainability content, skills and strategies for navigating Circular Economy, SDGs and Complexity Studies in an Agile context.

2 A personal plan for change to support your organisation in implementing, governing, and managing the shift required for ongoing Agile and Sustainability integration.


3 The skills needed to formulate effective and sustainable evolution of your practice and access to new insights from experts to help you drive positive change in your organisation.

4 On completing the programme you will become a certified practitioner and a member of the Coalition of the Willing global network of graduates and business-focused alumni.

Coalition of the Willing

A professional collaborative alliance to move the needle from “theory” to “practice” to the biggest challenges our species has faced to date.

Because that is the hardest step in ANY change: 

Crossing the chasm from “theoretical agreement” to “tangible impactful action”.


Join us in the Agile Sustainability Practitioner Programme. In this first course, we'll cover navigating Circular Economy, SDGs and Complexity Studies.

Experience a flexible but structured approach to work through the content in your context.

Enjoy a personalised and supported learning experience.

7–10 hours per week

Earn a certificate recognising your programme upon successful completion.

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Programme Application

Payment Information (select option)

Thanks for your submission! We review every application and aim to get back to you within 3 days.

Sept/Oct'24 submissions opened!

**Pay It Forward scheme >>

We aim to level up the playing field by design

Have you ever wished you could access an education like this programme but couldn’t afford the cost or have your employer cover the bill? This is still the case for many and it means they miss out on opportunities like this and future career potential.

We are partnering with you and have set up a Pay It Forward scheme that will offer some members without the means a pre-paid slot for the programme.

As an attendee, when you submit your application to the programme you are given the option to support a Pay It Forward. This selection will apply upon payment, with an additional £50 added to the base value, this will be allocated towards the Pay It Forward special pot. When the price is reached from multiple donations, then a member without the means will be awarded access to attend a cohort programme.


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